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The Milton Keynes Midsummer Leyline revisited

by 5ocietyx

Milton Keynes

A discussion in the comments section of the earlier post ‘The Milton Keynes Midsummer Leyline‘ with the author of a new book Mysterious Milton Keynes, James Willis, resulted in, on his suggestion, a reappraisal of the actual date the sun rises in line with Midsummer Boulevard. The assumed date was 24 June which is traditionally known as Midsummer’s Day.

Through the use of Google Earth video tours and SunCalc we deduced that the sun rose along Midsummer Boulevard precisely one month later on 24 July.

We have built a micro-site detailing these observations and will update the site when new information becomes available and once we have conducted a long planned visit to collect data.

Check out the site here.

REKO TAO ZION: The Mystery of the Nordic Neo of Milton Keynes

by 5ocietyx

Over the past few days hundreds of Milton Keynes residents have reported sightings of a strange man with white hair and black clothes wandering around town handing out strange cards with strange symbols on to passers-by and claiming to be a long way from here and from the future.

Reko Tao Zion

Cryptic calling card from Reko Tao Zion featuring 3 black hexagons on a black square.

The number 21 08 63 suggest the 50th anniversary of an auspicious date but a cursory glance at suggests nothing out of the ordinary happened in mainline history at least on this date only adding further to the intrigue.

A countdown is featured on the website suggesting something will happen on 21 August 2013.

It prompted MKFM to invite the enigmatic out-of-towner into their studio for an interview yesterday.

At the 5ociety, we remain open minded to all avenues of exploration and will not rule out at this stage a genuine ‘first contact’ type scenario. The more plausible explanation however is likely to be a guerilla marketing campaign or an MK Ultra alien invasion false flag psy-op. Or it could just be a random eccentric drawn to mysterious Milton Keynes by pyschogeography. Take your pick at this stage really. We will continue to monitor the situation that looks set to become part of the local legend that is the man-made sunlight harvesting distributed device and open-air laboratory in social engineering that is Milton Keynes.

Check out our new ‘Milton Keynes Midsummer Leyline’ micro-site for further intrigue and analysis surrounding this peculiar place. 

The Nordics

The Nordics

The space race commonly referred to as the ‘Nordics’ are well known in UFO lore and are said to have blond hair and blue eyes and stand over 7 ft tall.

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