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A mighty maze of mystic, magic rays: Hayes and the invention of television

by 5ocietyx

BBC Television Service Marconi EMI System
It was here in the sinisterly named ‘Central Research Laboratories’, Hayes (generally known as “CRL”) that Isaac Shoenberg developed  the all-electronic 405-line television system. Called the Marconi-EMI system, it was used by the BBC from 1936 until closedown of the Crystal Palace 405-line transmissions in 1985.

Marconi-EMI system

Doing a good impression of Kraftwerk, technicians at work on a Marconi-EMI system in the control room at the BBC’s first high definition television station at Alexandra Palace, London, 23rd August 1936

Television, the drug of the nation, used by prison governors to keep inmates docile and by the authorities to mind control the world was pioneered in the Robocop industrial landscape of Hayes, Middlesex by EMI who made weapons and music but were unable to distinguish between the two.

Orwell and Hayes

by 5ocietyx


Eric Blair at the Hawthorns High School in Hayes (courtesy of London Historians Blog)

George Orwell, who adopted this pseudonym while living in Hayes, lived and worked in 1932-3 as a schoolmaster at The Hawthorns High School for Boys, situated on Church Road. The school has since closed and is now known as The Fountain House Hotel. Despite returning several times, Orwell was characteristically acerbic about his time in Hayes, camouflaging it lightly as West Bletchley in Coming Up for Air, as Southbridge in A Clergyman’s Daughter, and joking in a letter to author/friend Frank Jellinek:

Hayes . . . is one of the most godforsaken places I have ever struck. The population seems to be entirely made up of clerks who frequent tin-roofed chapels on Sundays and for the rest bolt themselves within doors

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