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Heathrow Airport’s ancient temple

by 5ocietyx

Heathrow map

Heathrow map

When Heathrow Airport was built the north runway covered an ancient temple thought to be the oldest ever discovered in Britain.

The temple has been likened to a classic Greek temple only made of wood rather than stone.

William Camden references it in Britannica.

“On the north edge of Hounslow Heath towards King’s Arbour is a Roman Camp, a simple work and not large.” 

Heathrow was the scene of the largest ever archaeological dig in Britain between 1998 – 2006.

Heathrow, 8,500-4,000 BC Deep Forest and a River



The Ba is the spirit. It is often translated as “the soul”. The ba is shown as a human headed bird. “The ba could move outside of the tomb, and return back to earth” (Defrates 44). “There was probably only a phonetic relationship between the bird and the concept”

BA Boeing 787

BA Boeing 787

In his post cyber-punk novel Pattern Recognition William Gibson mentions ‘soul delay’ experienced after long flights:

“Souls can’t move that quickly, and are left behind, and must be awaited, upon arrival, like lost luggage.”

Whether this has any truth in it or is a use of fictional artistic license depends on your own experience of jet-lag.

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Breaking: Terrorist eludes police at Heathrow Airport

by 5ocietyx

Morpheus @ Heathrow

Morpheus @ Heathrow

London: As the search intensifies for the renown terrorist leader, “Morpheus” a sighting has just been reported to this newspaper by British intelligence…

…Intelligence Agencies Worldwide have been pursuing the leader and his band of terrorists termed the resistance.

One local policeman was also present at Heathrow Airport for comments. “I have been working closely with Intelligence in the pursuit of this terrorist.

We cannot place clearly this person’s physical and cultural attributes but we can say that leading espionage communities are moving closer to establishing the truth behind the terrorist’s identity…


Police @ Heathrow


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