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Circles of Light appear in Hounslow High Street

by 5ocietyx


Mysterious ‘circles of light’ appeared in Hounslow High Street earlier today amidst scenes of complete indifference by passers-by who seemed to be unaware of the presence of these strange icons that have been likened by experts to ‘crop circles composed of light’. They are seen here on a side wall of The Bell public house.

It is unsure what time the pattern first appeared although previous sightings have occurred an hour or so before dusk – the same time these exclusive photographs were taken.

With the sun setting in the background of the shots the assumption has to be they are reflections from the opposite side of the street. Another theory suggests encoded telepathic messages light-dialled on sunbeams from an advanced civilization of Venusian star-pilots currently orbiting earth as has been postulated by Ufologists.

As is society convention, we will remain open-minded to all possibilities until more data emerges wherever its origins happen to be.



The stone circle of Hounslow

by 5ocietyx


It has come to our attention that a number of modern stone circles have appeared in recent years ostensibly as parking barriers and garden ornaments. But is there more than meets the eye? Have these standing stones been surreptitiously placed in position by the Elders as part of a reconfiguration of earth’s energy matrix with the shifting precession of the equinoxes and advent of a new age? Hounslow-stone-circle1

The en-trance to Hounslow Civic Centre features one such stone circle.  Maybe the sinister Hounslow Council and all its corruption and bureaucracy will become transformed by the energies emitting from the stone configuration? Hounslow-stone-circle2

Hounslow Civic Centre

Hounslow Civic Centre

The Civic Centre is down Lampton Road or Lamb Town – the heart of the sign of Aries in the Godmother of Synchromysticism Mary Caine’s Kingston Zodiac. The building has always struck us as being a good location for a sinister government complex in a sci-fi film which would have been about all that it was good for..until now?


Hounslow Civic Centre

Hendrix in Hounslow High Street

by 5ocietyx

Artist's impression of the Jimi Hendrix Experience arriving at Ricky Tick's music venue in Hounslow High Street

Artist’s impression of the Jimi Hendrix Experience arriving at the Ricky Tick music venue in Hounslow High Street

In the Sixties and Seventies, west London was the epicentre of Rock n Roll. Not only were many of the musicians born in the area, many of the legendary venues and studios were to be found here too.

One less well known location was the Ricky Tick club where the Left-Handed God, Jimi Hendrix redefined the guitar.

It is hard to imagine nowadays the ‘Electric Gypsy’ rollin’ into town yet the ‘Kingston Zodiac‘ appears to be aware of the significance of this hyper-local area and attracted and inspired signs to inform us so.


Ricky Tick is now a recruitment agency called Class 1 Personnel

Ricky Tick was next door to ‘Art & Magic’, above what is now Nandos and was previously turned into a Tesco shortly after the club closed down.

As shoppers bought their groceries few would have known that above the Fruit and Veg aisle a psychedelic phenomenon occurred that would electrify the world and influence music to this day.


Hendrix @ Ricky Tick poster

An example of west London’s influence on Rock music is the fact that  ‘The Lord of Loud’, Jim Marshall was born in Acton and set up a music shop in Hanwell.

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