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The Mystery of Mont Saint Michel and Saint Michael’s Mount

by 5ocietyx

St Michael and St Michel mount comparison

St Michael and St Michel mount comparison

Those who read the earlier post ‘The Giant of St Michael’s Mount” and the previous post “The Giant of Mont Saint Michel” may be having a sense of deja-vu at this point because the similarities between these two mounts are more than coincidence will allow.  Andrew Gough’s Arcadia details the mysterious connection  between St Michael’s Mount and St Michael’s Mount in his article ‘Land’s End or Beginning’.

Similarities include:

Religious visions
Local flags
Churches built on the peak
Ley lines

The Giant of St Michael’s Mount

by 5ocietyx


Cornish folklore tells the story of how in the time of King Arthur a fearsome giant by the name Cormoran built St Michael’s Mount and lived in a cave there from where he would launch raids into Penwith and the Cornish mainland.

A local lad by the name of Jack rowed to the mount and dug a pit before luring the giant into it. He did this by blowing a horn at sunrise when the giant was asleep which woke him up. He staggered out and blinded by sunlight fell into the pit.


Jack and the locals mocked the trapped giant before killing him with a pickaxe.

This became the fairy-tale ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ which still resonates today with a Hollywood production based on the legend due for release next year.

St Michael’s Mount lies on the St Michael line previously discussed here.

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