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The UFO landing pad of Alberta

by 5ocietyx


St. Paul is home to the world’s first UFO landing pad, built as a centennial project in an effort to attract both tourists and Martians to the municipality. The pad consists of a raised platform with a map of Canada embossed on the back stop, consisting of stones provided by each province of Canada.

On June 3, 1967, Paul Hellyer, Minister of National Defence, flew in by helicopter to officially open the Pad. The pad was one of over 100 Centennial Projects organized by the town.


The sign beside the pad reads:

“The area under the World’s First UFO Landing Pad was designated international by the Town of St. Paul as a symbol of our faith that mankind will maintain the outer universe free from national wars and strife. That future travel in space will be safe for all intergalactic beings, all visitors from earth or otherwise are welcome to this territory and to the Town of St. Paul.”


New Space Transporter on the Horizon?

by 5ocietyx

A ‘curious’ news story regarding radiation tests Curiosity carried out on its way to Mars emerged this evening. Is this a priming event for a forthcoming space-tech announcement?

‘At the moment, given existing chemical propulsion technology, Mars transits take months.

“The situation would be greatly improved if we could only get there quite a bit faster,” Dr Zeitlin told BBC News.

“It is not just the dose rate that is the problem; it is the number of days that one accumulates that dose that drives the total towards or beyond the career limits. Improved propulsion would really be the ticket if someone could make that work.”

New types of propulsion, such as plasma and nuclear thermal rockets, are in development. These could bring the journey time down to a number of weeks.’

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Are Chemtrails what we think they are?

by 5ocietyx

'chemtrailed ' sky

‘chemtrailed ‘ sky

This photo was taken at 11.04am yesterday morning in London. The sky is blanketed in plumes far wider than contrails even at their widest and they appear to eventually turn into clouds that linger far longer than contrails normally do.  Despite it being in close proximity to Heathrow Airport I’m sure that this is a now familiar scene to many of you even if you have lived in an area that rarely had any contrails let alone streams and streams of wispy lines criss-crossing above blotting out the sun and turning the sky from blue to grey.

According to Benjamin Creme, channeling Maitreya, in answer to a question in Share Int magazine as to the nature of chemtrails  he says that many of the ‘chemtrails’ that have started appearing in the skies over the past several years are made by spaceships from Jupiter.  Unfortunately the questioner didn’t expand on whether some chem-trails were in fact man-made and if so what were they.

Comparisons between Tuesday 9 – Wednesday 10 October 2012

'chemtrails' over London?

‘chemtrails’ over London, Tuesday 9 October 2012

white fluffy clouds over London

white fluffy clouds over London, Wednesday 10 October 2012

clear blue skies over London

clear blue skies over London, Wednesday 10 October 2012

If you look hard enough you can make out what is presumably an airplane leaving a contrail in the distance. This gives a sense of the scale of the ‘chemtrails’ photographed the previous day that had engulfed the sky all around.

Click here for video footage from Tuesday 9 October 2012 and here for Wednesday 10 October

Another theory suggests that what the American Indians called ”Thunderbirds’ or what the Greeks termed ‘Sylphs’ frequently appear near to ‘chemtrails’ and neutralize them. This theory is based on the toxic chemtrail premise.


Thunderbirds courtesy of Indian in the Machine


Thunderbirds courtesy of Indian in the Machine

Con Trails

This is speculation but perhaps the governments of the world were as aware as the blogosphere of the phenomenon but as with all things preferred to distort the truth to suit its control agenda and UFO Cover-up.  They were quite happy to let the conspiracy circuit run wild with the theory that it was the governments behind it all as a diversion from the reality and to make them appear to be all-powerful. This is more sophisticated than debunking teams simply labeling them all run of the mill contrails which you’d assume would have been fully discredited by now but a majority of people simply haven’t noticed them yet, or if they have then pay it no attention assuming they are contrails.

The lack of insider witnesses and a wall of silence was evidence of a cover-up. Whilst being in no doubt that there is a matrix of cover-ups at the highest levels just maybe occasionally the reality is that no-one has leaked anything because there is nothing to leak in terms of government involvement. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. This is maybe why pilots laugh off the chemtrail theory rather than it being a massive global conspiracy and despite being correct that they are not secret flights spraying tonnes and tonnes of heavy metals all over the world this doesn’t necessarily mean they are contrails. The cover-up is not revealing the truth of what they know.  It is lying by omission. They can hardly say they know it’s spaceships whilst the UFO Cover-up is still part of consensual reality.

Maybe there is part truth in the chemtrail theory in that some of it is a secret geo-engineering project to either poison the world or combat climate change. Same difference possibly.

Whether you are a chemmer, a conner or a shipper one thing has become undeniable. That on certain days depending on locality large plumes of vapour are appearing in skies around the world seemingly from nowhere. Just because the majority haven’t noticed it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Questions that need answering include:

Has there been any credible insider leaks from pilots and ground-staff?
Has anyone mapped recorded flight-paths with the locations and directions of the trails to rule out the contrail con trail?
Has anyone monitored the quality of the air and soil and compared it to pre chemtrail era years?

Of course they have but we’ve yet to compile the data into one post so will be updating this entry regularly as and when we find it. We will be investigating these areas in due course and feel free to contribute your own findings in the comment section below.

Mainstream society, as with all things, is lagging behind the blogosphere like a tracer in terms of even acknowledging the phenomenon. If it doesn’t appear on the news then it didn’t happen. And even if it did couldn’t have been that important if it never made the news. If official authorities deny it then that’s good enough for them. They assume that people in positions of power are held accountable then go on to ignore and sometimes even ridicule the people who are trying to hold the government to account.

The Flying Saucer Working Party Unclassified Documents

by 5ocietyx

Flying Saucer Working Party

Flying Saucer Working Party

The Flying Saucer Working Party unclassified documents are part of the latest tranche of UFO related documents that the MOD has released through the National Archives to the public in the July 2012 data-dump.

Among other things, the document reveals the existence of a British X-Files composed of agents from various military intelligence agencies.


Genesis of British X-Files


THE CHAIRMAN said that Sir Henry Tizard felt that reports of flying saucers ought not to be dismissed without some investigation and he had, therefore, agreed that a small D.S.I./J.T.I.C. Working Party should be set up under the chairmanship of Mr. Turney to investigate future reports.

Sir Henry Tizard

Sir Henry Tizard

This happened  in 1950, 3 years after Roswell.  Sir Henry Tizard was a radar scientist and the MOD’s Chief Scientific Advisor and according to Nick Pope he wanted to conduct a scientific inquiry into the UFO phenomenon.

After discussion it was agreed that the membership of the Working Party should comprise representatives of DSI1, ADNI(Tech), MI10 and ADI(Tech). It was also agreed that it would probably be necessary at some time to consult the Meteorological Department and ORS Fighter Command but that these two bodies should not at present be asked to nominate representatives”.

This last point is an illustration of how the UFO Cover-up is compartmentalised, not just internally and on an individual employee basis but on an organisational scale.

Digital copy of DEFE 24/1987/1: UFO policy; with redactions (of course)

Unusual ‘Meteor’ storm hits Britain

by 5ocietyx

‘People from across the UK have reported seeing bright objects in the night sky, thought to be meteors or “space junk”

Some speculate it’s a pop-up meteor shower, some that its a piece of space debris, all of which is apparently charted and monitored by NASA. One observer described it as ‘an unidentified object’, obviously cautious of using the word ‘flying’ in between those two. We wonder, what else could it be moving slowly across the heavens, and are we just being fed whatever excuse is the most probable, rather than the truth?

taken from –

15.48, 23.09.2012 update:

I see the royal astronomers have already been summoned to run with the mundane explanation  (from 1:00)

Why is it so many small-minded people who seemingly have no interest in the wonders of the cosmos work as astronomers?

20.42, 23.09.2012 update:

The meteor shower appears to be flying in formation on BBC news report


Meteor shower or UFO fleet?


Meteor shower or UFO fleet?

meteor shower or UFO fleet?


see video here:

From around the Interwebz


Meteor shower or UFO fleet?

01.12, 25.09.2012 update:

‘Meteors’ over Ballymena, Northern Ireland

‘Meteors’ over Ballymena, Northern Ireland

UFOs over Ballymena, Northern Ireland

UFOs over Ballymena, Northern Ireland

This must surely be classed as an alignment?


UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History

by 5ocietyx

UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History

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